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Even though folks may be familiar with differences between B2B and B2C, here’s a quick refresher.

B2C companies are Businesses that primarily cater to end-Consumers (Examples: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Uber, Pepsi etc.). B2B companies are Businesses that primarily cater to other Businesses (Examples: Cisco, GE, Salesforce, etc.)

Customer Support for both is markedly different —


If you are trying to start a new venture, especially in an area that is new to you, talking to customers and people associated in that ecosystem is actually a must. Also known as customer discovery or market research.

Even though the need for it should be intuitive, most folks — especially engineers like I am (or truthfully was) — usually start building a prototype first. Even though this approach gives instant gratification, it usually results in garage projects and wasted cycles.

Steve Blank first taught me that during my MBA (Haas School of Business) with his words “Get out…

The next $10B Opportunity in Enterprise IT

Update (Dec 2020): This article was meant to be my CliffsNotes but it somehow ended up touching a nerve and a lot of you reached out and commented on it. I am now working on a solution to fix this using the first-principles approach as I have laid out here. Stay tuned for more. Thank you!

(I want to sincerely thank all the folks — 100+ people — who spent time with me graciously to share their perspectives on Q2C. What makes it even more unique is that I didn’t know most of them beforehand and still they selflessly chose…

Now wait a minute!

This article is for App Developers who are developing Mobile Apps (IOS or Android) for Kids in US and trying to understand COPPA’s guidance around Push Notifications.

Quick Intro

COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule set by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) — part of US Federal Government.

It was enacted in 1998 to protect privacy of kids 13 years and younger who are using Internet. As father of a 4 year-old I really like that there is something to protect privacy of my child when he uses Internet. …

I am interested in understanding the latest and greatest in the field of customer support — starting from case management tools (Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud etc.) to customer success tools (such as Gainsight) and that drew me to Pulse, the largest conference on Customer Success (from Gainsight) that now attracts 4K+ people. This is how the conference has grown over the years.

Following is a post on things to take care of while incorporating iOS 10.0 Speech Recognition APIs in your app.

Things to be aware of

  1. When to stop accepting input from the user? Ideally it will be best to use silence as a marker for that however there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that in the API itself… there is a roundabout way to solve this using raw AVAudioEngine APIs but that seems like some major work.
  2. For speech recognition to work, two permissions are needed from user (and rightfully so):

Speech Recognition — as some data…

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